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Hurricanes and Flooding

Important Notice
Hurricane Information

Dear Residents:

Please see the information below for Emergency Telephone Numbers.
Our area has a drainage issue when there is a lot of rain the water will Drain slowly, causing flooding in some of our areas. We are working with The city to get this problem corrected. If we are expected to get a lot of rain, please move your vehicle out to higher ground before the flooding starts. Do not drive on the grass, you will get bogged down and you will be charged a fee. Please move your car BEFORE the streets get flooded.

Please be safe and remember our staff have family responsibilities also, if something should happen, our staff will try to be out as soon as possible and it's safe for them.

Emergency Telephone Numbers
Mullins Police - 843-464-0707
Marion County Sheriff's Office - 843-423-8216
Mullins Fire Department - 843-464-9452
Marion County Emergency Management - 843-423-6461