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A Message from Your CEO/Executive Director


With pleasure, I invite you to use our website to learn more about Mullins Housing Authority & to communicate with us as needed.

Our goal is to share as much information as possible so our site will be updated monthly.  

Mullins Housing Authority was established in 1976, with technology improving continually since the 1980s. 

While our records were initially on paper, now virtually all is digital, allowing more data to be stored & accessed easily.

We will continue to enhance our technology to better serve our Residents.

Our website is an example of utilizing technology for improved communications.

How we serve our Residents is ever-evolving as well due to the changes in the families we serve.

Over the last few decades, our Resident family size has changed, as families have fewer children now.    

This change affects the size of the home each family needs. We work diligently to provide the most affordable, well-cared for & safe home for all. 

Thank you for visiting our website.

Kathy Cribbs
Executive Director
Mullins Housing Authority

A headshot of Kathy Cribbs.